Our 2nd Wedding, Courtesy of Jeromy

Yes, finally, I'm posting a new blog entry! About time, right? It's been so crazy busy in my part of the world, with so many changes to get through, and blogging had to be put on the back burner for a while. But last night, my little Jeromy did something so incredibly sweet and thoughtful, that I couldn't not share with everyone:

First though, a little background: hubby and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. Yay us! We've been married for seven wonderful years, and it just keeps getting better. Seven years ago we went to City Hall in Baltimore and got hitched, just the two us. We didn't have a full-blown wedding, we decided to keep thins very simple. Although my wedding day has always been one of the happiest days of my life, I do have some girly-girl in me, and I've always dreamed of having an actual wedding. The kind where I get to wear the pretty white dress. Jeromy, my lovely ten-year-old boy, has known about how mommy and daddy got married, and he knows that I would someday like to have a wedding, one he gets to be part of.

Imagine my surprise when last night, right before hubby and I were about to go out to have dinner, I was summoned to the basement in our home. As I descend the steps, I hear the wedding march being played on an electric guitar. I reach the bottom of the steps, and am floored by what I see: pink and blue and white streamers, flameless tea-light candles, and Jeromy in his best dress shirt and tie, strumming the wedding march on his electric guitar, and my husband, waiting for me at the 'altar'. He finished playing his song, stood up on the step-stool, and, well, he married us! He had this whole speech written out, and it was just the sweetest thing anyone has every done for us! It went something like this:
"We are gathered here today to celebrate the remarriage of this couple, or in my words, mommy and daddy. Now before we get started, I'd just like to say a few words. Now ever since you two met, face to face, it was love at first sight. There have been good times and bad times. With the love you two share, it will ensure that through the years to come there will be many more good times and very few bad times

So after seven years of marriage, do you mommy still take daddy as your husband? *I of course said yes as I tried to keep from bawling my eyes out!* And do you daddy still mommy as your wife? *And of course he said yes!*

So with the power vested in me by this family, I still pronounce you husband and wife. Now I wish you a happily ever after. You may kiss the bride!"

And yes, hubby and I kissed. And yes, I cried, because I couldn't believe the lengths my little baby boy went to do something so incredibly sweet and loving. Too often as parents it can be so easy to get caught up in the growing pains our kids experience. But every once in a while, such as in cases like this, our kids can make us forget all our problems and all the nonsense in our world, and they show us the meaning of pure love, and remind us of what's really important.

I have to admit that after having been 'married' by our son, hubby and I don't know if we ever really need to have a wedding like we've planned on. Because truth is, nothing can top what our little boy did for us.