Playing Catch-Up


I can't believe that my last blog post is dated August of 2010! Yikes! I guess that's what happens when life gets a hold of you. To say that my family and I have undergone some transitions would be an understatement! I won't bore everyone with all the details; suffice it to say that my becoming a working mom, along with continuing to be a homeschooling mommy, has definitely affected the dynamics in our household. With hubby still laid off, my finding a job that I can work from home was truly a blessing, but there was a definitely an adjustment period. It got a bit rough at times, but it was never anything we couldn't handle.

With all of this going on, blogging had to placed on the back burner for a while. Now that our little family have settled into the new groove, the madness of the winter holidays behind us, and as I become better at multi-tasking and time-management, I'm determined to get back into my blogging. I still have so much to share with everyone! I did some brainstorming, and these are just a few topics I think I'll blog about:
✽ Foodie Finds
✽ Homeschooling Adventures
✽ Mommy Adventures
✽ Scrapbooking
✽ Photography
✽ Other crafting
✽ ...and whatever else life brings my way!
So here's to successful blogging...for me and for all you other fabulous bloggers out there! Stay tuned, I'll be back soon!

2 blissful whispers...:

Anonymous said...

I feel ya! I want to get back to blogging so bad, but something always comes up. I am really going to try hard to post more often, too. Good luck!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

It's hard to keep up blogging when busyness gets in the way. You've got some really good topics to blog about. How's the photography going?