A Light In The Dark!

It's been said over and over again: God works in mysterious ways.

That has proven to be true yet again! For those of you who have been following my blog, you may have noticed that from time to time I will sort of disappear from the blogosphere. Sometimes it's because life just catches up with me and there's just no time to post. Or, sometimes it's because I just can't come up with anything thought-provoking or clever to post about... I believe we call that BLOGGER'S BLOCK, right?

And there are the moments when I sort of UNPLUG myself for awhile because there are not-so-great changes in my life going on, and the only way I know to cope is to isolate myself and sort of hole up in my own little world. Those are the times when I feel like the walls are just closing in on me, and all I want to do is curl in the fetal position and hide from the big bad world. Ironically, these times when I feel so down and alone are the times when I pray the hardest and call on God to help me out. And true to His form, He answers! Let me explain a little...

About two months ago hubby dropped some alarming news: there was a 99% chance that he would have to take a voluntary layoff at work due to cutbacks. Though he would still be bringing in some income, it would mean a serious paycut. We both agreed that this meant that I would have to find a part-time job. Originally, we thought that a part-time job that I could later give up when he goes back to work would be ideal. But, there was the problem of finding a job where I could work in the afternoons or evenings so that I could still homeschool our son during the day. Well, I'm sure most of you won't be surprised when I tell you that job availability is SLIM PICKINS out there! As time went on, I got more and more nervous, so much that I was literally giving myself stomach aches. It got to a point where I was convinced that I would have no choice but to get a job during the day, which would mean having to put my boy into regular public school. It was just so much change all at once!


It started with me responding to a job listing posted on Craigslist, and has now culminated in me landing a job that is PERFECT for me and my family. I will be working with a nurse staffing agency as an On-Call Coordinator. And guess what? It's an evening job! And even better...I GET TO WORK FROM HOME!! How AWESOME is that?!

So needless to say, I'm ecstatic, and for the first time in two months, I'm breathing normally. Not only will my family and I make it through this financially challenging time, but this is actually a job that I can keep even after hubby goes back to his full time job. I get to keep homeschooling our son, which is so very important to us. Life is good!

What lesson did I learn? That despite how scary and uncertain life gets, God always provides a way for me and my family. Thins happen for a reason. Were it not for my hubby having to be temporarily layed off, I wouldn't have gone job hunting, and I wouldn't have found this great job opportunity. Funny how life works out like that, right? I start training for my new job this coming Monday, and rest assured I will be sharing this experience with all of you. It's been more than five years since I've been employed, so re-entering the workforce will definitely be interesting!

It's official, he's a ROCKSTAR!

I can't think of a better topic to blog about for my "blogging comeback" than my son's rock-and-roll debut...

Yup, it's official! My boy Jeromy is DEFINITELY a ROCKSTAR! Last week he was invited by his uber-cool guitar teacher, Mr. Rogel, to play guitar with his band at a gig. Jer was soooo excited and honored to be invited, as this was the first time he was going to be able to play with a band, AND it would be his debut LIVE performance. As nervous as he was, he just kept working hard and practicing. He had to learn two songs: "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan, and "Blue on Black" by Kenny Wayne Shepard. He had less than a week to learn his part for both songs, including a solo for "Knocking on Heaven's Door", we are all a bit nervous about whether he would be ready. There were times during his rehearsals and practice when he struggled, but he kept going. And the night of the gig, my baby boy ROCKED!! These are pics from that night, an awesome Sunday night when Jeromy shined:

Unknown Mami

Where does the time go?! It seems like I blinked, and all of a sudden my little baby boy has turned into a Rock-N-Rollin' young man. Needless to say, hubby and I were so very proud of him. Our nine-year-old Jeromy playing at a real gig, with professional adult musicians and a fellow guitar student (named Joe, who was in high school), just rockin' away on his guitar. That was definitely one of the proudest moments of my life. But even more importantly, it really choked me up to see how happy he was to be up there, doing something that he absolutely loved. Jeromy did an amazing job, and we can't wait for the next time he gets to perform.

We're so proud of you Jeromy!!