An unexpected guest...

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from one of my oldest friends, Audrey. She and I went to high school together in Alaska, were in the same graduating class, and we were the best of friends, and in many ways still are. Although she still lives in Alaska and I'm in Maryland, we still manage to stay close. We haven't seen each other in almost ten years, so imagine my surprise and excitement when she calls to tell me that she is on the East Coast for her sister's wedding in Virginia, and the she and her family will driving up to Baltimore this Wednesday, and would I like to get together.

Are you kidding me? Would I like to get together with a very dear friend that I haven't seen in almost ten years? Um, YEA!!

So the plan is they will be driving up from Virginia early Wednesday morning, and we're all going to spend the day together, probably the evening too, before they have to fly back to Alaska on Thursday morning. One of the things we've planned is a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, which the kiddies will love. I'm so very excited follks!!

Because my mama ingrained in my head long ago that your house has to immaculately clean before you have guests over, I've been scrambling around like crazy trying to make the house spotless. Not that my house is a total dump, it's actually in good shape considering how much I hate to clean. But when I know I'm having company over, I tend to go a little nuts and neurotic (yea, like this is the only time I'm neurotic!), so I've spent the better part of today on a cleaning frenzy.
And is it weird that I'm nervous?? I have no idea what I have to be nervous about, considering this is a gal who I have so much history with, someone who has seen me make some incredibly stupid decisions and make a complete butt of myself, and she remained a true and loyal friend throughout. She was the kind of friend that brought me ice cream at work when a boy broke my heart, and who would listen to hours of whining when another boy broke my heart. She is the most non-judgmental person I know, so heaven only knows why I'm nervous about seeing her. Could it be because she will be meeting my hubby and my son for the first time? Or because the last time she saw me I was about 115 pounds, and now I'm...well, not THAT weight anymore. I've never been to a highschool reunion, but I imagine this is what it feels like before you go, where you get all jittery and anxious because you're not sure if the people who knew you back in the day will think you're a total loser. Yea, I know, its ridiculous to think like that. I'm sitting typing this post, and I can really see how absurd I sound. But then again, another way to spin it is that I wouldn't be nervous if she wasn't important to me.

Now that I've take a long enough break to get this post up, I'm gonna go back to inhaling bleach fumes my cleaning. Here's hoping I can channel my nervous energy into the cleaning process!

Tell me, do YOU ever get nervous when you're about to meet an old friend you haven't seen in a while?

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9 blissful whispers...:

Joanna Jenkins said...

Rarely do I get to meet old friends in person but when I do I definitely get nervous.... and I have no idea why either. But the minute I see them the nerves melt away and we have a BLAST together.

Take it easy with the cleaning and have a GREAT time with your friend.


Ronnica said...

Have fun! I have a college friend who I always make sure to go out of my way to see (I'll be flying to Texas to see her in July)...I love those kinds of lasting friendships.

Lisa Anne said...

It's normal to be nervous. Your nerves could just be excitment in disguise. So quit typing and get back to cleaning. You have an old friend to impress!

Unknown Mami said...

The nervousness will go away as soon as you see her. I'm so happy you get to spend time with her.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're going to have so much fun together. It will be just like old times.

I get a little nervous after there's been some time away but then it all disappears.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

always! i think it's because it's the unknown, ya know? i do think it's normal though. she's probably just as nervous as you.

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. hope your day is a happy one!

carma said...

I rarely see old friends - having moved far from my childhood state, but even if I bump into someone who I haven't seen in years I get all paranoid that I am uninteresting or less than what they expected. Hey, at least now your house is uber clean. There are some advantages. Maybe I need to invite some old friends over :D

shelley said...

how did your visit go? love it when i see old friends recently i had a get together with high school friends too but it had been 30 years! so a lot different there then you lol but same giggly feelings and it was great! i'm sure your house looked wonderful and it was a great time! holla anytime sista!
shelley :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl, I totally get nervous! And I clean like a maniac too. :)

Okay your blog is looking fly! I'm loving all the pretty colors and fun!