What's one more anyway?

Back in November of last year I posted about how while some husbands bring home flowers, mine brought home furry four-legged felines (say that super-fast five times!). Well, here's the thing: HE DID IT AGAIN!

My husband is a steelworker, and the mill where he works is this sprawling area near the water. There are always at least a dozen feral cats around there, wandering about. Why doesn't someone just call animal control you ask? Yea, I don't know the answer to that one either, so we'll leave that for another post. Any-hoo, hubby comes home one night and tells me about this little cat that he thinks might have been a house-cat that was abandoned. He told me that she was acting super-scared all the time, and unlike the regular feral cats that roamed around, she was UBER-friendly. For the next two weeks hubby would tell me all about this lovable kitty, how she was getting bullied by the other 'street-cats', and how he thought she probably wouldn't last long. Now believe me, I knew where this was going folks. And as hard as I tried to fight it, I somehow knew deep down that this cat was going to end up at my house.

Then for the pièce de résistance, hubby decides to take a cell-phone picture of said kitty, and THAT WAS IT. I was done...I was hooked...I was bowled over! And now, she is part of our crazy little family. We decided to name her Pebbles, because the coloring of her fur coat reminded me of a pretty pebble I would find by the waters edge.

This is Pebbles after we gave her a bath. Yea, I know, she looks pretty rough...

But she cleaned up really good!

And she even likes helping Jeromy with his school work!

So yes, my family has grown by one. She's become a lovely addition, and so far she seems to have adjusted well. I'll admit that at first there were some concerns on my part: the extra vet bill, extra cat food, would all the animals get along, etc. I figured that despite all that though, why not? What's one more anyway? We were able to rescue a homeless animal, gave her home, and she's given us love and companionship. What can go wrong?

3 blissful whispers...:

Anonymous said...

I wish my husband had that problem! :) Stopping by from SITS!

Tina said...

Aw, she's a cutie!!

Lisa Anne said...

Cutie pie. I so want just one more cat. Nothing wrong with having 3 cats, now is there?