Through Maan's Looking Glass: My New Photo Blog

Yay! I finally did it. I finally got my PHOTO BLOG up and running. I'm pretty excited about it. It's going to be a place for me to showcase the different pictures I've taken, and making those images the main focus of each post. Of course, I will always be posting pictures here too, and POCKETFUL OF BLISS will always be my BLOGGING BABY. The format of my PHOTO BLOG is a bit different: there is one main large column down the middle, so I'm able to post large-size pictures (up to 810 pixels wide baby!). It actually didn't take me very long to get it published once I was able to come up with a name. I was originally going to call it POCKETFUL OF PICS as was suggested by my blogger friend UNKNOWN MAMI, but that site name was already taken. So, after some creative brainstorming, doodling, and the flexing of my creative mental muscles, I came up with THROUGH MAAN'S LOOKING GLASS.

I've even created a nifty little BUTTON that will magically transport you there! See the miniature version of the snazzy picture in this post? Yea, the one in the upper left - just click that, and you'll be taken on a journey THROUGH MAAN'S LOOKING GLASS!

P.S. Be sure to read my very first post entitled NEW BEGINNINGS, I explain how I came up with my uber-cool photo blog name!

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm on my way! Congratulations on your new baby!

Aunt of 14 said...

I love the look of that button!

Nicc79 said...

Great Blog :d
Thanks for stopping by hope you see you again


Unknown Mami said...