dearest mama nature...

Ok, you know I love you, right Mama Nature? I really do. You're gorgeous, inviting, and mysterious all at the same time. Trust me, I have the pictures to prove just how much I revere thine glory. I'm truly a HUGE fan of yours....


Look, I get have your own reason for dumping more than three feet of snow on everything here in Charm City, and most of us are trying to make the most of it, maybe even enjoy it a little. It's so pretty outside right now while everything is coated in white. And I even looked at all the required snow shoveling as an opportunity to get a serious work out. You're just trying to keep me looking all fabulous and sexy right? Although I have to admit, Mama Nature, having part of my back thrown out is so not helping with the sexyness; I don't particularly feel fabulous when I'm hunched over, limping, popping ibuprofen like it's candy, and basically have a heat pad stuck on the right side of my lower back and above my right butt cheek. No matter though, I can still bring sexy back even while injured. And Jer is really having a lot of fun playing in all the snow:

But Mama Nature, I'm now SERIOUSLY whining and crying because of this particular bit of news I received today via FOOTS FORECAST:
"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, another major winter storm is in the Mid-Atlantic pipeline.... The Forecast Team expects snowfall by 7 PM Wednesday to exceed 12 inches across central Maryland the I-95 corridor from Baltimore to Philadelphia and southeastern PA. We expect some areas may receive up to 20". NOAA's HPC Snow & Ice Team has already throw the B-word into the mix. The Philadelphia metro NWS office is using the phrase 'explosively developing.' Just so you know."
Oh COME ON!! Seriously??! This whole blizzard thing was kind of exciting at first, but now, it's just not cute anymore. Lots of cars are still buried, hubby was stuck at work for three whole days and is STILL on shoveling duty here at home, along with the rest of our neighbors, schools are closed until Thursday {ok, granted that one doesn't apply to me 'cause of the whole homeschool thing}, I can't escape drive to anywhere, and my poor dog is not happy with only having a tiny part of the yard to choose from when she does her business. Despite all that, we've all been trying to make the most of it know me, I mostly lean towards a HALF-GLASS FULL direction. But with all we've been through in the past 72 hours, it's darn near impossible to remain the optimist when I read this:
"Finally, something that people need to take attention to is the amount of snow already on the ground. After the final chances at melting today, many will have a snowpack at or above 20'' with 4' snow piles all over the place. That means there will not really be ample places to put the snow..."
SEE?! Even the scientists agree, we don't have anywhere to put the darn snow because you're keeping the temp way below freezing! Oh, and there's also this:
"After this second storm impacts the area, there is a potential for up to 50'' of snow to be present in areas, with very few locations to place the snow. Be prepared ahead of time as to where all of this new snow will go. Be safe and good luck, you may need it."
This question isn't exactly for you Mama Nature, but I'm gonna post it here anyway:
C'mon Mama Nature, I don't want to believe that you have a cruel streak; maybe you just have a wicked sense of humor. But TWO snowstorms in less than a week? I lived in Alaska for ten years, and I don't ever remember snow being as bad as this!

Ok, so this is my official letter of complaint, Mama Nature, and I'm sure it's not the first you've received. Please, pretty please, take pity on us poor Mid-Atlantic folk, and maybe just give us a light dusting of snow, and not so much of the blizzard variety. We would really appreciate it. And if you can do that, I promise to be better about being green: I'll recycle more; I'll CONSIDER composting; I will try my hardest not to forget my canvas bags when going to the grocery store; I'll even plant some pretty flowers in the spring! Are you open to bribes? Because we can negotiate...

So thank you Mama Nature, for taking the time to read the ramblings of lunatic suffering from some serious cabin fever my letter. And just so you don't think it's just me that's tired of the snow, just look how pooped out your favorite snow bunny is:

Peace Out Mama Nature!


5 blissful whispers...:

Aunt of 14 said...

To add to your prayers...

"Mama Nature, please blow strong winds westward. We NEED snow over here. You're more than welcome. The eastern seaboard needs a break and we have PLENTY of room for snow."

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Maybe you can make a deal with Mother Nature to blow all of the snow to the Grand Canyon?

I feel for you. I don't know how I'd survive with not being able to go out in it. I guess it's time to pull out the books, the art work, the movies, the puzzles, recipes waiting to try, scrapbooks, you name it.

Hang in there!

Unknown Mami said...

Good luck finding a place for all that snow.

Anne said...

Yikes! I don't know how you guys up north are coping with all of this snow!

Anna said...

Seriously? I can't even say anything encouraging. You guys have really wimped out! Love ya. Anna