Before & After...

a rambunctious toddler
running in diapers and itty bitty shoes,
a passion for exploring the world,
climbing fearlessly towards the sky,
reaching for more and more...
a little but potent bundle of energy!

And after...

a rambunctious young man,
running in your favorite jeans,
racking up mileage on your favorite sneaks,
a passion for exploring the world,
dreaming of one day flying the skies,
reaching for more and more...
my little big boy with an untamable spirit!

Too-too-moo & The Giant

This month in our geography club the focus was on Indonesia. For his part, Jeromy was in charge of finding an Indonesian folktale to share with the group. We had some trouble finding a book at the library, so we looked online, where we found the tale of "Too-too-moo & The Giant". Instead of just printing it out and reading it out loud, Jeromy asked if I would help him turn it into a "book". So, I found a blank book with pages that had space for both writing and space for illustrations. I hand wrote the story on the pages, then Jeromy drew and colored the illustrations. It turned out great! He did a really good job. These photos show Jeromy reading the folktale out loud to the group and sharing his illustrations.
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A boy and his rat...

This is a picture of Jeromy with his pet rat, Lizzie. She is one of two pet rats. She and her sister Casey live in a cage in Jeromy's room, and they are quite adorable and lovable. Every day they get to come out of their cage, run around Jeromy's room and explore... We like to call it their yard time. When she's not being camera shy, I will get a picture of Casey posted.
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