Our Nativity: Days 3, 4, and 5

...sorry, the holidays are keeping me busy!

Gift Number 3: Joseph

God had a man named Joseph in mind;
He'd make a good husband, who's loving and kind.
So one night God sent an angel to speak
Instructions to Joseph while he lay asleep.

"Joseph! Take Mary. She'll be a good wife.
This marriage is still God's plan for your life.
God's Spirit has given her a baby within;
His name will be Jesus; He'll save you from sin."

Gift Number 4: Baby Jesus

So this couple set out to Bethlehem-town,
And when they arrived, they looked all around,
But the inns were too full - no room for two guests.
And Mary was tired; she needed to rest.

"No rooms are empty," the innkeeper said.
But then an idea popped into his head.
"My stable's not much, but there you can stay.
I'll give you this manger - a feed trough with hay."

Later on...there...in the quiet of night,...

God gave the first gift that first Christmas Day,
He gave us the Christ, the babe in the hay.
But that is not all - God wants something grand:
An offering to Him, the point of His plan.

Gift Number 5: Shepherd

Then finding a stable where they saw a light
Shine through the wallboards and into the night,
The shepherds looked in, and what did they see?
The manger! A baby! They fell to their knees.

"So this must be him! This is the sign!"
They had found Jesus - the Savior divine!
These shepherds joined in the first celebration
Of Christmas because of this grand revelation.

*poems from the book in the Nativity set.

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

So precious!! They holidays took up all my time too! Hope yours were wonderful.

Happy New Year girl,

Alicia said...

so cute! i love this poem! and i just LOVE nativity sets...my kids got a little people nativity set this year and they LOVED it!