Let It Snow!

Recently, our part of the world had it's first day of snow. Though it wasn't much, Jer still managed to have a great time in it. He even made a buddy! See for yourself...

"Yummy! Fresh falling snow tastes great!"

Meet Snowey, Jer's new buddy. He has googly eyes, a carrot for a nose, popsicle-stick arms, and peppermint and M&M buttons. He's a bit short, but he's a great snow buddy!

Jer now hopes that the next time we get snow it will be enough to go sledding in. I told him hey, no problem, but it also means he and I will have lots more snow to shovel, he he! Somehow I think because he LOVES snow so much, he won't mind.

So tell me, is there snow in your part of the world?


3 blissful whispers...:

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

No! And I'm none too happy about it either... I want some snow! :)

I'm so jealous of your cute little snowman... my kids are begging God for snow. I have frigid temp, and sunshine.

We may get some later this week and I would LOVE it. We just get lots of rain and very little snow... sad.

Amanda said...

Nope! But I moved here in part to get away from the snow, so I'm fine with it :) We actually had a snow warning last night, but nothing came of it (this is VERY weird...)
We're only a couple hours from the mountains, though, so I can get to the snow if I'm really craving it!

Unknown Mami said...

That little guy is adorable!