We're Finally Home

So, I'm slowly making my way back to all of you, my wonderful blogging friends. And what better way to do that than to post about our new home. The above pic is of our dining room. I'm sorry I don't have any other pics up yet, I'm hoping to get more up as soon as I get more home decorating done. I have SOOOO many ideas, everything from sewing my own curtains to finding a great stencil pattern to paint as a border on the 'Cranberry Whip' color in our dining room. Yes folks, it is THAT red. As I complete each project, I will be sure to share with all of you. My family and I are just so happy right now...for the first time in a long time, we all feel like we're finally home.

It's so nice to be in a house again after living in an apartment for almost a year. And we owe thanks to our great friends, Lisa & Rob, for letting us rent their beautiful home. We are back to having three bedrooms and a full finished basement, which is great, plus there is A LOT of storage. And as an added (and much appreciated!) bonus, there's a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom (which my hubby practically lives in now..I swear, if there was a fridge and microwave in the bathroom, I would probably never see him again), and my son's personal favorite: an above ground SWIMMING POOL Oh yea! My boys' can't WAIT until summer.

I promise, my lovelies, I will have more pics of our humble abode very soon, as soon as I can BEAUTIFY it some more with my own personal touches. So come back soon!

P.S. If any of you know of any great DIY websites where I can find some great decorating ideas, please feel free to leave a link to it in your comment. Thanks bunches!!

4 blissful whispers...:

Deborah said...

Your house looks beautiful! I can't wait to follow along to see all your projects! I watch a lot of design shows on TV, but I have not found too many on the internet!! But I'm sure they are there! Hey, maybe you should start one!!!

Jessica Jones said...

congrats on the new house and thanks for stopping by my blog with your encouraging words! I am adding you to my reader as we speak!

Together We Save said...

Glad you are home! A pool my girls would be so jealous.

Unknown Mami said...

Welcome home! May you share many wonderful moments together in your new abode.