Breathing....oh how I miss thee!

Wherefore art thou breath? Breath without wheezing and
coughing and chest constriction??

Ok, enough of my pathetic attempt to give my whining a Shakespearean flair. Moving on...

So, guess who's NOT the happiest nor most blissful gal in the universe right now? Yea, you guessed it: ME! Why you ask? (and of course you ask because either you love me or you just wanna know what the heck I'm whining about now.) Because that terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad pain-in-the-caboose, which is called ASTHMA for short, has returned to me with a vengeance. Now, I've been plagued with this condition my whole life. My mama loves to tell me stories of how bad it was when I was a wee little one, how I was hospitalized and almost died, etc etc. It was manageable though, and I remained an active little girl.

Enter the pre-teen and teen years... I'm introduced to a new phrase: EXERCISE-INDUCED ASTHMA. I then found myself being one of 'those' kids during P.E. class that could barely complete one lap around the gym, let alone participate in long-distance track. But that's ok, I didn't like P.E. anyway...I embraced my nerd-dom and a-dork-able-ness, and I didn't mind being one of the asthma kids.

Moving on to adulthood, I'm told by medical pros that all I have to do is keep my allergies under control, and the asthma will stay away. And guess what? It did!! For many years I went without any attacks, and it was awesome.

Now fast-forward to about a week ago: I've been recently treated for a sinus infection, but the nose is still all stuffed up, chest congestion starts and then, to top it all off like a big fat cherry, I have an asthma attack around midnight, and y'all, it came fast and hit me hard. So for going on a week now, I've had to use my darn inhaler anywhere from four to five times a day. I called an allergist and scheduled an appointment, and they got me scheduled pretty quick. Well guess what they tell me? For SEVEN whole FREAKIN' days, I'm not allowed to use ANY antihistamine allergy meds at all. WHAT THE *&#@?? It has something to do the allergy testing they have to do on me, or some other bull-huckey..Oh well, it's not like the allergy meds were helping me anyway. *SIGH*

So yes my lovelies, I miss breathing. Thanks for listening to me rave and rant...it must be that darn steroid inhaler, one which I have a total love-hate relationship with. I think it's starting to seriously drive me insane...oh wait, I've been on the crazy train for a long time now, so that can't be it. If nothing else, it's giving me flashbacks of sitting in a smelly gym, watching all my school-mates run laps around the gym, while I got to sit and relax on the bleachers reading Romeo and Juliet...hmmm, I feel better already!

So if you're living with asthma as an adult, how do you deal with it, and how do you keep from going bonkers? (though it might be too late to cure me of bonker-dom, I'd still appreciate any ideas you may have)...

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Miss Always Carried Away said...

Gee! Sweetie I hope you'll be fine soon! I've never had to deal with asthma and I don't even know ppl who have it... so sorry to hear that. I really hope you'll be similing you very soon!

Unknown Mami said...

I don't have any ideas for you, but I am so sorry. I once had pneumonia and the difficulty breathing really got to me. Feel better.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh man... that's just no good girl!! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Too bad we didn't have PE together.. I hated running laps. I had horrible shin splints and sat out often... We could have goofed off together!

Chatterbox said...

I don't have any knowledge or tips to help you with your Asthma but I sincerely hope you get well soon.

I am sorry to hear about it all.

Take good care of yourself.

I loved your colorful blog. Thank you for taking out time to visit my blog.

Keep writing !!

Sassy Chica said...

so sorry about the asthma, I dont have it; however my best gal pal does and I feel for ya, because she tells me how misrable it really is!!

Sassy Chica

Alicia said...

oh no!!! thats a bummer!! i haven't had to deal with that so i'm no help in that department, but i hope that you're able to manage it and feel better!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

NO fun! I've never dealt with asthma, but I do know how those nasty allergy/head cold/stuffy sinus things can take it out of you. Hope you are feeling better soon and get some good meds. ;) Thanks for the visit!

Sorcerer said...

Ouch :( get well soon