Blogger Restlessness

I can't seem to sit still lately! I've been blog-hopping a lot this weekend, and I've seen so many FABULOUS themes, backgrounds, etc., and some even have Christmas themes! *GASP* I didn't even know those were available! So, in the spirit of my most favorite holiday, and because I have a serious case of Blogger Restlessness (yes, it's a true condition..I've read about it and I have ALL the symptoms), I've decided it's time to for a Blog Makeover. And with that, I'm here to announce that my little blog is now


But not to worry, we will be open business once again very soon, so y'all come back soon, ya hear?

2 blissful whispers...:

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Yay!!! Makeovers are the best!!! Hope it makes over smoothly for ya.

Unknown Mami said...

So funny! I popped over to look at your old layout because I'm feeling restless too and playing with layout ideas and it seems you are in the same state of mind.