Small Talk Six: Christmas Wish List

Ah yes, the wish list...this year, I was determined to only have items that I NEED on this list, and I think I've succeeded...ok, well, at least about 80% of the way. A few things on this list would probably be considered luxury items, but others I do actually need. And besides, a girl deserves a luxury every once in a while right? *Humming 'Santa Baby' as I'm typing. *

One item on here is one that I think everyone can identify with, and one that we ALL already have on our list, or should definitely add it if you haven't's the last one, but NO CHEATING! Take your time...stay a while, you know you're dying to know what this gal wants from Santa this year! So here it is, in no particular order (except for the last one, that's the most important):

Silpat Baking Mats... of course, a set of these would have been most useful during the holiday season when I do most of my baking. After finding out the hard way that coconut macaroons will stick to parchment paper, I DEFINITELY could use a set of these.

A haircut...yes, this definitely goes on my list. I know, you're asking yourself why on earth this goes on my Christmas list. It's simple really, I only get my hair cut 2 or 3 times a year, mainly because I just never seem to get around to getting to the salon, but also because I always think of it as a luxury, so I keep putting it off. But, when you wake in the morning and your hair is practically choking the air out of you, I'd say it's probably time for a trim, don't you think?

Cuisinart Elite Food Processor... Really, need I say more?

iPod Classic...Considering that my current iPod is about 5 years old, I think it's about time I upgraded, especially since the 1st generation iPod mini I have now doesn't play unless it's plugged in to an electrical source.
Merrell 'Siren Sport' Outdoor Shoe.... I truly *HEART* Merrell shoes. With all the problems with my cute little feet, these are perfect for walking and being on my feel for long periods of time. They are uber comfy, and I especially love that they last a VERY long. You totally get your money's worth with these shoes.

And the most important thing on my Christmas wish-list this year: I wish for all the American men and women serving in the Armed Forces to have a safe and Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. For those of you soldiers who can't be with your loved ones during the holidays, we are all thinking of you, praying for your safe return, and we ask God always to watch over all of you with His unconditional love. We thank you brave men and women for your courage, honor, and sacrifice.

If you want to join in the fun, click on the button to the right and you'll be on your way!

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thatgirlblogs said...

I just wrote a post for tonight and was debating between my playdoh recipe and this exact post you've written. Right down to the photo of the troops.

Freaky brainwave, batman!

I posted about the playdoh.

Oh -- and you don't want that iPod, you want the iPod Touch.

Melissa Papaj Photography said...

Stopping by from SITS! I couldn't agree with your last comment more! I recently had a groom that is a Marine in afghanistan right now and he was able to get online to Facebook and chat with his wife. After chatting with her, he updated his status and said, "I miss my wife, deer hunting and my moms good cookin on Thanksgiving."

It just reminded me how much they are always sacrificing for us especially around the holidays.

BTW, those shoes look yummy and I too, have a haircut on my Christmas list because it is definitely a luxury. :)

Have a happy day!

Miss Always Carried Away said...

ahhh Im going home for over a week so this is my super cadeau 4 Xmas!

Emily said...

I love Merrell shoes too!