Rockin' Birthday Present...

Ok, remember how I mentioned in my last post that there was more rockin' birthday news to come? Well, here it is my blogosphere friends: this past Tuesday, we surprised Jeromy with the ultimate gift. As I had also mentioned before, his favorite band is KISS...yes, THAT band. So, being the most awesome parents we are, we decided to get him tickets to this:

KISS's North American Tour!
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About a month ago hubby and I were actually looking for tickets to go see AC/DC in concert in Washington D.C., when we came across a stunning piece of info: KISS was going to be on tour starting in October! Not only that, they were playing in D.C. on the 13th of October, TWO DAYS after Jer's birthday! My hubby being the most wonderful dad that he is, decided we should buy the KISS tickets instead of the AC/DC tickets. Just so you all understand what a sacrifice this was, hubby has been waiting almost 20 years to see AC/DC, and he's already seen KISS twice in concert. But, it was more important for him to make Jeromy crazy happy. How cool is my hubby? Can I get an AMEN people!!

After purchasing the tickets we decided to keep it a secret and surprise with him it. Do y'all know how hard it was for me to keep my big mouth shut for almost two months?! Not easy! Nonetheless, I did. So on Tuesday night, we told Jer that we were taking him to the Smithsonian to see dinosaurs, and he totally bought it. It was a serious clandestine operation y'all, although I was leaving cryptic messages on my Facebook update such as:

"Preparations for operation SMITHSONIAN are complete. Those of you with the necessary security clearance will be updated on the operation's progress. Standby..."

"Operation SMITHSONIAN has commenced. Subject is en route to final destination, E.T.A. approximately 90 minutes."

We got to the Verizon Center in D.C., parked in the garage, and made our way to the elevator that would take us to the entrance. Before getting on the elevator, hubby and I started our "mock" argument, pretending that we were lost and had the wrong tickets. I handed the tickets over to Jeromy and asked if he could read it...and when he read that the tickets were for "KISS ALIVE 35", his eyes got huge and he looked like his heart had stopped. OH YEA! Mission Accomplished!

I can't begin to tell you how excited Jer was! This was his first concert, and he got to see his favorite band. How cool is that?! And what's even better, this was MY first really big concert, aside from being dragged to a Menudo in concert when I was like 9 or 10 (don't ask! please, I beg of you). And of course, hubby loved it too. I gotta say, KISS sure does put on a great show. As a bonus, guess who opened for them? None other than BUCKCHERRY! Those of you who are fans of theirs, yes, they did play THAT know that one, called "Crazy B*@%H". It was ROCKIN' AWESOME! We weren't allowed to bring in regular cameras, so the pic here are all from my cell phone camera. They actually turned out pretty good, considering they were from a cell camera. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed rockin' out to the music:

To see more pics, please play the slideshow:

According to Jer, this was the best birthday he's ever had. Seeing him rocking out, air-guitar-ing like crazy, head-banging to the beat, shouting out loud, and the permanent smile on this boy's face, from the minute he found out he was getting to see KISS in concert, to the time he crashed in bed after his night of rocking out, was priceless, definitely worth every penny and every minute of planning. Happy Birthday, my Jer-Bear... you're the true rock-star of my heart!!

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Scrappy Girl said... should totally put this on your resume for parents of the year! I love surprising my rugrats! That is SO awesome.

Lisa Anne said...

Wow what totally cool parents!! My so wants to see Metallica so bad. You guys got top notch seats I see. Super close to the stage! YOU FREAKIN ROCK. Can you please be my parent?

T. said...

What an awesome surprise, I cannot even imagine how tough it was to not burst out and tell him!
Fellow SITSta,

Unknown Mami said...

Oh yeah, you did good!

5thsister said...

Nice blog! Thanks for your comments.

JennyMac said...

you are the coolest parents. I remember my first concert my parents took me to...John Cougar. LOVED it. But no where near as rockin' as KISS!

JennyMac said...

PS: Happy Saturday Sharefest.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! What an awesome gift! He'll remember this birthday for the rest of his life. :)

Rachie said...

That was such an awesome birthday present!!! He is one lucky guy!

Thanks so much for sharing the SITS love!!!

jacjewelry said...

What a fantastic Birthday present - it'll be hard to beat, you know! Your trip sounds so awesome - DC is such a great place, too! Do you live far from there?