Meet Roxy...

Some husbands bring home husband brought home this:

We've actually had her for almost two weeks now, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about her. Yes, I know, I'm being a bit blog-lazy. Sorry my lovelies, I'm working on staying caught up, I promise.

Any-hoo, about two weeks ago I get a phone call from my hubby, and this is roughly how the conversation went:

(purple=me, blue=hubby)

"Ok, before you say no, just here me out."

"Um... ok, what's up?"

"There's kittens here."


"The mama died and there's three baby kittens and they're hungry and they're gonna die if they get left here and two other guys are taking the other two if I take this one."
(yes, he said all this in one breath!)

BIG **SIGH** "Oh...all right!"

And that, my friends, is how big of a pushover I can be. To make a long story short, hubby came home with this tiny little black bundle of fur. He explained to me that no one had seen the mama cat for at least three days, and the babies were so hungry. He said he knew he was in trouble when he picked up the littlest one, and she immediately crawled onto his chest, and nestled right into his neck. Y'all, he had already named her by the time he got home! Her name was Roxy.

We weren't sure how old she was, we thought she was only three weeks old because of her size. So we went out and bought some "kitten formula"and bottle-fed her that night. Well, we took her to the vet the very next day and were told she was a healthy six-week old kitten. Back to the pet store to get REAL kitten food. And that my friends, was the beginning of Roxy's adoption into our crazy little family.

She is quite adorable, as you can hopefully tell from the photos. She's very playful, and her favorite way to sleep is curled up right next to someone. She's doing VERY well, growing more and more every day, and becoming more and more acrobatic with each day. Yes, she's quite the daredevil! Luckily, Shiloh (our canine baby) doesn't seem to have a problem with her, and is more curious than anything else. So far so good...she's become a wonderful new addition to our family!

Yes, her eyes are that blue!

She loves curling up in Jeromy's arms...

...or sleeping next to my laptop.

11 blissful whispers...:

Deborah said...

Roxy is very cute! Have fun with her!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Beautiful blue eyes...your hubby is just a big "softie."

Summer said...

Oh my gosh, she is soooooo cute. I have a bleeding heart for little kitties...

Why can't they just stay that way?

And kitten formula? Who knew!!!!

Found ya on Sits girlfriend!!! =)

Aunt of 14 said...

Your husband makes me giggle!! I love it when men admit to things like that-- he is such a softie!! :) And that is a GOOD thing...

The kitten is SO adorable!!

Lisa Anne said...

OMG she is super cute. I love her and her big blue eyes. All kittens have blue eyes, hers since she is black will probably turn to yellow though. It's always interesting to see how the eyes will turn out.

Blue eyes on a cat I've heard is so rare.

Unknown Mami said...

Nice to meet you Roxy! You are beautiful. I could get lost in your eyes.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Oh cute cute cute! She looks like a real sweet-potato.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Ohhh, what a cutie! Congrats on the new pet. How sweet of "the guys" to take them in!

Miss Always Carried Away said...

this is just too adorable!!! Sweetie I tagged you, hope you'll like it and I'm looking forward to read a bit more about you!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh thankyou for the kind words. We are really sick around here! JJ spiked a fever of 103.7 a few hours ago, but I just tucked him in bed, and am praying it stays going down through the night.

All my fun weekend plans are looking cancelled, but I'm at peace with that, cause family comes first.

I have missed you, your blog, and connecting with you girl! We're going to have to change that!

Your cat is darling. Too bad I'm allergic. So fun to have a new pet I bet!

Much love,

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE her! Did we ever talk about the fact that I am from Pennsylvania too? : ) It's always nice to meet Pennsylvania girls in the big old blogosphere!