Everyone out there knows how bad the economy is, and how just about everyone, save a select few, are struggling financially out there. Now don't turn away! I promise, this post will NOT be me whining and crying about how tough my family's got it. Ok, I will at least mention that we've had a rough few months, but that's as far as my whining goes. Trust me, don't leave...keep reading, it will get better. But I will suggest that if you have an aversion to 'half-glass-full' people, then you may not want read on.

Yes, I am one of THOSE people...one who has chosen to just put her big girl panties on and suck it up, and to face hardship and struggle head on. Why? I'll tell you why, because the truth is, it could be SOOOOO much worse. Yes, it sucked when Fred was layed off for a while and our savings was just about wiped out; yes, we dealt with medical emergency after medical emergency back to back; yes, we lost our beloved dog, King, and our cat, Georgea; and yes, hubby's truck now has an oil leak (that last one occurred two days ago). But you know what, my lovely readers? Believe it or not, I can find something to be grateful for in every single one of these hardships, and beyond:

I'm grateful that my hubby still has his job.. so many others out there have suffered the brunt of this terrible economy by losing their jobs permanently, and I'm just so thankful that Fred still has his.

I'm grateful that despite all the medical scares, my family and I are still here, alive and kicking.

I'm grateful to know that wherever they are, King and Georgea are in a better place.

I'm grateful for our great friends that have stepped up to try and help us find a way to affordably fix hubby's truck.

I'm grateful for the food that God provides each and every day for my family.

I'm grateful for being blessed with friends who have shown my family and I unconditional support and love, who give of themselves selflessly without any expectations, just to help their struggling friends. You are all wonderful and I treasure your friendships.

I'm so thankful to have a wonderful and loving family, without whom my life would cease to have meaning.

And most importantly, I'm grateful to God, for I know that through each and every hardship, You are there with us, bestowing us with Your blessings. Even if they are not always readily apparent, I know that You are always blessing us with Your love and guidance. On my continuing journey to living a life full of grace, You are my constant and my beacon of hope.

Though I'm not wanting to sound like an Oscar-acceptance speech, I do HAVE to give a shout to you, my lovely reader, for visiting this little corner of the blogosphere and showing me love with your brief attention and comments. This blog has become a creative outlet for me in many ways, and I'm grateful to have shared it with YOU...yes you, the one staring at the screen.... you rock! So the lesson for today is this: if you've never looked at things as 'half-glass-full', you should give it a try, it might just surprise you.

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One Sassy Girl said...

I share your outlook... even though it takes constant reminding of all the good stuff to keep the pity parties at bay. Life is wonderful, even when you're poor. And yes, it could be SO much worse! When the crummy stuff gets un-ignorable, I make cupcakes. It works for me!

thatgirlblogs said...

good attitude! thanks for an uplifting post, I needed it today.

Aunt of 14 said...

I've been getting bad vibes from every corner today... I feel like doom is coming but I have no evidence of it. Just a feeling. So your blog was a good read for me this morning! I am grateful to YOU!

Deva84 said...

Honey that was wonderful post! Was amazing to read it! I'm glad and happy you feel ok, or even more than ok...huh?

I'm sorry about your animals! What's happened??? Gosh I'm such an animal person! I'd wipe for days after that lost!

I wanted to ask you sth... are you a sagittarius...? I know it might sounds silly... but I was just wondering.

bisous ma chere! deva!
p.s. maybe you could write me an email and let me know... I would really like to know. bisous. bisous.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh sweetie... this is just why I love your little blog AND you... what a precious soul you are...

I didn't know you were dealing with so much but I'm blessed and encouraged by the deepening of your faith and how you are just holding tightly to that!

What a good way to look at life and such a needful reminder to all of us struggling in areas we feel are too difficult.

Blessings this weekend!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Thanks for the reminder that amongst all the struggles and hardships, there are still a lot of blessings.

Unknown Mami said...


Scrappy Girl said...

What an uplifting post! I don't know how people get through the hard stuff if they are not a "glass half full" type...positive thinking sure helps control my stress level. I usually flip out and then I talk myself back to reality.

Sydney said...

What a great post! I think attitude plays such a big role in life. I, too, refuse to get bogged down in the negative economy. I admit we haven't had things as rough at some others have. My husband and I are secure in our jobs. We've managed to pay ahead on our son's tuition for next year so that if (god forbid) anything bad happens, at least that's taken care of. I have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll visit again soon!