Adorkably Fabulous!

I have been tagged yet again, this time by my awesome BFF, Aunt of 14. Love ya Auntie, thanks for thinking of me! Now, me being the rebel that I am, I've decided to give this my own personal stamp by not just listing six totally random facts, but to list six facts that showcase how Adorkbably Fabulous I am. I know you're all wondering what it means to be Adorkably Fabulous, so I'll satisfy your curiosity: it means that you have embraced your inner DORK and let it shine a glowing light around you, letting it enhance your natural fabulousness, and expressing that dork-like fabulousness without restraint. So read on my blog friends, and I hope it will inspire you to tell me how you are Adorkably Fabulous.

  • My favorite TV series of all time is 'The West Wing', which is no longer on the air... a fact that still infuriates me from time to time. Hubby bought me the entire series on DVD a couple of Christmases ago, and since then I've watched every single episode (more than a hundred of them) at least ten times, if not more. And I don't care what anyone says, all the characters in the show are real: President Bartlett, Leo, Josh, Toby, CJ, Donna, Charlie... they are all very real... don't anyone dare tell me different!
  • I'm a serious Harry Potter fan, and I mean SERIOUS! Much like President Bartlett and the rest of the West Wing gang, the Harry Potter peeps are real...yea they are, so top shaking your head! I've read every book in the series at least five times. When the last book in the series came out, I read the entire book in a little less than 24 hours. And yes, I cried at the end, like I did at the end of book 6. These are definitely some of my favorite books, which some may consider strange since I'm 31, and being a former Enlish major in college, I've read LOTS of classic books, everything from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde... but Harry Potter is what holds a special place in my dorky heart.
  • You see the cute little picture of a strange blue creature in a dress at the top of this post? Her name is Lucy, and she's my 'pet' in a little game called Pet Society, which is a free game available on Facebook. I started playing it a few months ago, and I'm thoroughly addicted! And like the WW people and Harry, she's real...oh yes, I feed her, bathe her, take her shopping for food and clothes, and her apartment is well-kept. For those of you who Facebook and play this game, you probably understand my obsession. As for you Facebookers who are considering playing this game, be warned: it WILL make your inner dork jump up and down and dance with joy.
  • When I read emails from people, I have to read each email at least twice, because the first time I 'read' it, I go through it looking for grammatical and spelling errors. And I've been known to email the person back making them aware of the errors they've made. I don't know exactly when this habit started, but it's something I've never been able to stop, no matter how hard I try. Does anyone know of any 'OCD Editors Anonymous' meetings that are available for me to attend?
  • Several times throughout the year, the major craft stores put out the newest scrapbooking papers and supplies for the new season, and I go absolutely nuts! Neither Hubby or Son will come with me to the craft stores because they know it will be nothing but them trailing me endlessly as I look, touch, and even smell (yes, even smell) the new stuff that's available to feed my addiction. I guess I can kind of understand why they'd be embarrassed to be associated in public with a woman who literally smells scrapbook paper.
  • I have a VERY strange talent (not sure my hubby would call it a talent, since he thinks it's a bit freakish). When I watch TV shows or movies, I will often see an actor that I will recognize from some random commercial or other itty bitty part they played in another production from several years ago. Example? On that TV show called 'In Plain Sight', the girl named Brandy, who is a major part of the show, is played by an actress I recognize from an episode of Hubby's favorite TV show called 'The Shield', and that episode aired about seven years ago. And this happens ALL the time, and it drives Hubby crazy for some strange reason.
Well, there it is, six facts that show why I'm Adorkably Fabulous. So tell me, how have you been Adorkably Fabulous lately?

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Sharon said...

Wow! You're amazing! I always recognize the actor but can't figure out why they seem so familiar!

I have a thing for the Waltons. Totally dorky. My husband and I have actually had conversations about what Jim Bob and John Boy are doing. We need help!

Sassy Chica said...

Hey Chica,
Thanks for stopping by, I am elated to be part of the SITS network and meet Sassy Bloggers, like you!

I am making my way thru your blog and I thik it is fabulous!

Thanks for the tidbit on adding a link...I tried for days and just couldn't figure it out!

See you around the blogsphere!

Sassy Chica

Becky said...

I have the SAME talant as for the reconizing people in shows and movies. It drives my husband NUTS too!!!! I feel I am quite amazing with this quality, although not everyone agrees:)

Unknown Mami said...

I have a friend who has the same talent as you. It's crazy whenever I want to know about an obscure actor I ask her.

Mama Mel said...

Again, I'm telling you... we were sisters in a former life or something! I used to watch the West Wing too! It was a great show! I also love the smell of paper. My favorite is that old carbon-copy paper. My hubby thinks I'm weird. I also have that same last talent! Actually, just today, I saw a guy in a commercial, and I asked my hubby, "Do you remember what movie he was in?" He always tries to answer, so apparently it doesn't bug him. I guess we are always challenging each other to make life more fun! :)

One of my many dorky qualities: I've saved most of my textbooks from college. I never sold them back because I thought maybe some of the info would be useful to have on hand... Hmmm... really? When will I need to know anything about Biochemistry again...? Yeah, I'm a big dork. I love books!


Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday. I am just dropping by from the SITS site to see your blog. Have a great weekend! I loved the post...and the pictures are precious!

carma said...

All very interesting - and thanks for reminding me. I forgot all about Saturday Sharefest. One big grammatical mess right there for ya!

WhiteSockGirl said...

LMAO,... this was such a fun read. Yes, you are adorable, fabulous,...

Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment.

Ps. I love your pet, err Lucy,... her glasses is uber fab!

Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment. Much appreciated.

Deva84 said...

That was so cool to read! I'm glad you shared with us your awesomeness! but after reading your post... I'm afraid you've found all my MISTAKES I've made on my blog! damn it! sorry in advance!

bisous girl!