Later never quite happens..,

Ok, this is a short version of the same conversation hubby and I have with Jer about his crazy stuffed animals addiction...which of course is not helped by the fact that his mother is a total enabler and constantly feeds the addiction! But before you read the dialogue, a little background on this boy of mine might help. Jer is almost 100 pounds, is just a few inches shy of five feet tall, and he's only 8. He's what you would call a "boy's boy" (kind of like 'man's man'), so he's a rough and tumble kid. He studies mixed martial arts, and he's at that age where he tries to act cool at all times around other people because he's trying to be a 'cool dude'. He loves football, wrestling, and when it comes to 'girly stuff', he stays away from it like it's kryptonite. What girl things you ask? Well, anything the color pink, Disney princess related, sparkly, sequin-laden, or cuddly and cutesy. Except when it comes to stuffed animals... our interventions usually goes something like this:

Mom: "Jer, sweetie, we've really gotta talk about getting rid of some of your stuffed animals."

Jer: "NOOO!" (using the whiniest voice possible)

Mom: "But you just have way too many and there's just not enough space in your room."

Jer: "Yes there is! They all stay in my bed with me and I cuddle with them at night."

Dad: "Look buddy, you can't keep them all, there's just way too many. Why don't you pick out your favorites, and the rest we can see about donating to kids who don't have a lot of toys?"

Jer: With big tears forming in his eyes, "But they're all my favorites. They're special, and I don't wanna abandon them."

Mom: "Sweetie, you won't be abandoning them, you'll be giving them other homes."

Jer: Lower lips is sticking out, quivering..a tear slides down his cheek, "But this is their home! They're mine and I take care of them. I can't sleep without them."

Dad: Starting to get frustrated. "Jer, half the time they just end up on your bedroom floor! There's just way too many!"

Jer: Starts to cry softly...totally making Daddy and Mommy feel like total jerks.

Mom: "Ok, you know what, why don't you calm down some, and we'll talk more about it later."
Later never quite happens. And this is what I find in my 8 year old (going on 25) boy's room that night:



Oh yea, this kid is in serious denial! But how can I ask him to part with so many 'friends' that he loves? Gosh I'm a wimpy mom!

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Jennifer said...

That is a lot of stuffed animals. Try just taking one, like a small one, and see if he notices. If he doesn't, then do it with another one. Eventually they will be a more manageable leve. said...

you know what my daughter was the same way. Dont even sweat it.
Just let it go.
But you need to let him understand that if anyone gives him a new one. An old one needs to be given away to another child who has none.
Eventually he will tire of so many and he will pick his favs. Dont rush it. You only have this short amount of time with him when he likes stuffed toys.

Lisa Anne said...

So this is sneaky but it works. Slowly each week you remove 1 animal when your son is not around. Chances are he won't even notice it's gone until several are missing after a few weeks. When he asks where they are just say I don't know maybe your bed ate them. Of course you have to remove the ones you know he won't think about and really keep his favorites.

Or if you don't want to do that and they are just overbearing and he doesn't keep his room clean. I use to tell my son to pick his toys up or I'd dontate them. So I did just that and actually took him with me to the good will to watch them go bye bye. After a few times he got the point and started to put his toys away and then eventually he would tell me to donate the ones he didn't want anymore. So it's kinda cool for us now, every now and then we donate clothes and toys and he has learned appreciation through this.

And the final option you tell him that for every stuff animal he donates he can earn money to purchase a new toy. You could put a dollar value on each animal or just offer him a toy he's been wanting for doing a good deed and donating to kids who are less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. I just went through all my daughters toy (she is 2) and got rid of most of them because she doesn't play with them. Once she noticed what I was doing she started to cry. I let her take back a few. I guess I'm a wimpy mom as well. LOL

JanMary said...

Lovely to see such a caring side - but a pain to have to pick up!

I would be with the previous commenter who suggested "losing" one or two per week, and maybe introduce a new rule that if he acquires any more, then he has to gave the same number away - at least that should stop them multiplying!

Thanks for visiting my N Ireland blog today - loving SITS!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Wow! Thanks to all my visitors who left me suggestions on how to deal with my boy's stuffed animal drama, it is definitely appreciated!

BrnEyedGal said...

Gosh...Im dealing with the same thing. They LOVE their pets and its so hard to take them away. (If I take even one little itty bitty son will ask me, "have you seen this pet?". LOL)

Im trying to come up with a way to keep them in one spot...I thought of putting them in a hanging bin by his bed....I'd be happy with that and he'd be happy to keep em all!!!
You have such a cute blog, thanks for stopping by mine. Your welcome anytime... :)

Scrappy Girl said...

It won't be long before he is "too old" for them and may want to let them go himself. My 2 little ones have beds FULL of friends.

Lady Di said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuffed animals!! I know about the whole wimpy mom thing too.

My daughter is not always sleeping in her own bed lately. However, I find that I am not always making her sleep in her bed. There's always a good reason, I'm too lazy to walk her upstairs, I don't want to hear her cry, She'll just be right behind me as I come down know, the excuses go on and on. But, I know that once I make up MY mind to finally make this an important issue, then it will be taken care of.

None of you are ready yet. He's not ready to entertain the notion of downsizing and you're not ready to force the issue. The time will come and it will all work out.

Anonymous said...

This was my now fourteen-year-old daughter. She didn't call them "stuffed animals," she called them "my friends." She still has all the stuffed this day she remembers that some of them are missing...yeah, she noticed the ones I got away...

What got me was the "my friends." Believe me, I'm the wimpy mother!

CoffeewithZooly said...

Saw your blog so I thought I'd drop in and say hi!

You have some lovely photos and funny spins on life ! It made me smile!

See you next I pass by !

scrappysue said...

that is so cute, and you KNOW he won't be taking them to college, so i'd enjoy those photos - thanks for sharing them with us!

Mama Mel said...

Awww... that is so sweet! He may be a big "rough and tumble" boy, but he is cuddly at heart... :)

I used to have a bunch of stuffed animals and I would sleep with all of them in my bed too. I remember my mom asking me to part with them, and I couldn't... I think I still have some of them in boxes somewhere... :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

I detest stuffed animals. They multiply like the plague. I can't say no to my kids either though. They both have ginormous bins full of them in their rooms and it makes me cranky when I walk by and see them.

Windsting said...

Wow. E. knows that what he does not play with, WILL go to a new home (but we have always done this, I am sure it would be harder to do if you just start after 8 years). I really do believe in less is more. If something new comes in, something that is not used often has to leave to a new home, where it will be appreciated. However, only do what seems right for you. Love ya, Anna

Deva84 said...

Your child is so sweet! Mostly I don't like Mum's blog coz they are a bit cheesy if you know what I mean. But yours no!!!

You have an amazing gift to write about your family and everyday life that I really want to read it and know more about you!

bisous. deva.
p.s. thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment!