Feeding the ducks...well, not really.

The idea was to go out with a bag of stale bread and feed the local ducks that normally occupy the two main parks in our town. We headed out to Chesterwoord Park, but there were no ducks to be found. Then we moved on to Merritt Park, and still no luck. Jeromy was disappointed, until he found another set of creatures to feed: squirrels! We had no idea where the ducks had gone, as it's still summer and they shouldn't have flown south yet, but we were happy to find other customers for our stale loaf of bread. The little furry creatures where quite happy to take them off our hands. A few crows and sparrows were also lucky enough to grab a few pieces before the squirrels got them all. Afterwards we hung out at the pier for a little while, then Jeromy flexed his 'monkey skills' at the playground. So all in all, even if we didn't find the ducks we originally came to feed, we still managed to have a really fun day.

"Aw, Dad, where did the ducks go?"

"Ok, so who can we pawn our stale bread off on?"

Customer number 1...

We'll call him Mr. Paranoid. He kept coming down, grabbing a piece of bread, and running back up the tree, as if he's afraid we're going to take the food back!

We shall call him 'Pudge'...for obvious reasons. He's definitely a well-fed squirrel!

"Helloooo! Anyone else want any bread?"

Riding the wave!

Mom always said, balance is key!

Oh well, I guess I'll just be hanging out until the ducks come back!

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MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

SUPER cute pictures... it's amazing how despite our best intentions with planning, life happens and plans become laughable! The magic happens, though, when you go with the flow and make it a point to have a great time... looks like they did!

Thanks for stopping by MyBrownBaby today!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hello~thank you for visiting me. Nice to meet you. Have a blissful day:)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love to see kids having a blast at the playground! :) Thanks for the visit today...nice to know there's another Starbucks addict out there.

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping in my "doggie" blog. I see you are a homeschool Mom to 1 boy...me too! I also see that your son loves history... mine too! I see you are a writer/reader... me too! And did I see that you once lived in Alaska? ME TOOO! Great to "meet" you!

Windsting said...

Maan, I am so glad that even though you guys live in the city you get Jeromy out. It is soooo sad to know kids who are glued to the tv or their computers. Anna

Multiple personalities.. said...

I totally agree Anna! I do everything I can to get Jeromy out as often as possible. He would rather be outside anyway, it's the Alaskan in him! :)

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are way cooler than ducks, anyway! Glad that the stale bread didn't go to waste!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, fellow SITSta!

Alicia said...

hey thanks for coming by!! i love the pics! personally i think squirrels are much cuter than ducks =)