Best Friends Forever

Ok, so I'm cheating a little bit today, because I'm basically "re-posting" this. I had originally posted this back in May as an installation in my 'Before & After' series, but something went wrong when I switched blog templates, and the formatting was irreparably damaged, and I lost all the comments. *tear* So here it is again, I hope you all enjoy it:

Jeromy was a big little toddler in diapers.
Daddy would watch Blue's Clues and Little Bear with Jeromy.
Daddy had longer, blonde hair.
They both loved to play together in the park.
Jeromy's favorite foods: chicken nuggets and french fries...oh, and rice!
They both loved to play wrestle.
Jeromy loved to crawl into Daddy's lap for a cuddle.
They were the best of friends!

Jeromy is an 8-year-old little big kid.
He and Daddy watch WWE wrestling, Phineas and Ferb, and Spongebob.
Daddy's blonde hair is shaved down very short.
They still both love to play together in the park.
They are both blue belts in mixed martial arts.
Jeromy's favorite foods: sinigang, noodles, pizza...oh, and rice!
He can't quite crawl into Daddy's lap anymore, but he still finds a way to cuddle.
Best of all, they will always be best friends!

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Something so special about Daddies and their babies...

Oh, and BTW- I have NEVER had fresh caught salmon... I think I need to give it a try! Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to use them next week when I am gone!

You are just so much fun. I'm so glad to have "met" you girl!!

Jules said...

I love the before and after photos. Treasure every minute. Our children are now 22 and 24 and we have one grandchild. They are all precious.

Alicia said...

ohhhh so cute!! i love that last picture!!

roadrunner201 said...

I LOVE this post. So sweet! Isn't it great parenting a son and getting to see the special relationship with the daddy?

The Main Ladybug said...

What an awesome post! Here's praying that they will always be best friends (my money is on "YEP").

Thanks for stopping by to see me! Please come back anytime.

Ms Perfect said...

I love this post and all the cuddling! heehee. I'm a cuddler too. :0)

Genny said...

Love those tender moments! How precious.

Unknown Mami said...

This was a very touching post.

Also, I really like the name of your blog.

Transparent Mama said...

What sweet moments. Lovely photos to. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am so happy to meet you.

Amanda said...

So great to see a wonderful Father/Son relationship. It is so crucial and encouraging to see! Thanks so much for sharing!

Equidae said...

so lovely :) its so nice to see father and son so close :)

Memento - Terri said...

What a neat idea with the before and after photos. Thanks for sharing them with us all. Your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

What a great story and I loved the photos. :) Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Merry said...

Visiting for the Sharefest! It makes me so sad that they have to grow up. Great before and after pics. Sweet that they are still close. I wish I could freeze time.