No my blog friends, this post is not of the fruit variety.  Instead, I am sharing what may very well be my foodie and/or culinary find of the year!  Now, a little background on me might help: I have never been fond of wraps, unless it was a fried corn tortilla strategically shaped to hold heavily spiced meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes, all at once.  In fact, I'm not what you would call a big sandwich girl. Being of Asian descent and heritage, I gravitate towards entrees you eat with rice. Not to mention my unhealthy obsession with red meat.  All that being said, I report that I am a convert, and have joined the ranks of millions who enjoy wraps, thanks to my stumbling upon Damascus Bakery's Whole Wheat Roll-Ups during my most recent Costco trip. I'll admit that at first glance I was very skeptical...I tend to be of anything that says whole-wheat. My hubby suggested we try it, since he himself is a fan of the wrap. And at the price of $4.59 for a package of 12 wraps, I figured it was worth a shot. I could not have been more surprised at how much I would love it! The first thing that hits you is that delicious fresh-baked-bread aroma.  Then when you take it out, you realize how thick and soft it is. It doesn't have the dry and somewhat 'cardboard' texture or taste of other whole-wheat wraps I've tried, and because it's thick it does hold up to large amounts of filling.  For you health-conscious folks out there, or others like me in the midst of undergoing a 'lifestyle-change,' you will absolutely LOVE the nutrition label:

With only 10 Net carbs (to get the total NET CARB, subtract the amount of dietary fiber from total carbohydrate), and 14 grams of whole grain per serving, it's a great alternative to the other calorie-and-fat-laden breads out there.  I compared it to another name-brand tortilla wrap at the grocery store, and I was a bit blown away!  This other brand had almost twice the calories, twice the fat, and almost twice the carb content. And I promise, the folks at Damascus Bakery did not pay me to post this (although I know it sounds like such an advert!)..I'm merely a busy mom on her way to hopefully getting in shape, shedding a few pounds, and introducing healthier foods to my family. Enjoy!

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Windsting said...

That sounds good. We like wraps with turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, sprouts, and lettuce.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Oooooh, that sounds yummy! Thanks for that, I'm gonna try it!