Fly, Optimus, Fly!

What could be better for an 8-year old boy on a sunny weekend afternoon than to go out and fly his kite? Since the Tetrahedral Kite he had made a while back was having some technical difficulty, Jeromy flew his $3.50 Transformer kite instead, which worked out just fine.  With the help of his trusty sidekick, Dad, they got the kite put together in no time, and were ready to get Optimus Prime flying high in the sky!  With a good steady wind and clear blue skies, the conditions were perfect for enjoying a nice, lazy afternoon outside.  After a few running starts and minor crash landings, Jeromy and Dad got the kite pretty high up, and all they had to do was hang on and enjoy.  Jeromy got so relaxed that he lay down in the grass as he was holding the kite! Even Jeromy had to agree: nothing compares to simple childhood fun like this.

"Oh yea, I'm flying it!"

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anythinggoeshere said...

i came over cause I had to see who multiple personalities was! From the blue angels to kites. I'm glad I stopped by. xo Joan

Multiple personalities.. said...

Thanks for stopping by Joan! Your blog is gorgeous by the way!