This is Andre (the older one) and Jeromy in December of 2003.  In this photo Andre is 11 years old, and Jeromy is 3.  This was taken at the Goldminer's, a hotel and restaurant in Alaska my folks used to own, during a Christmas trip to Alaska.  I remember Andre was just starting to hit a growth spurt, getting tall and skinny, and he was still into Pokemon and Legos.  Jeromy, still in diapers, just adored his older cousin...Andre was his favorite toy!  And being the wonderful kid he was, Andre was happy to hang out with him during the rare and precious times they got to see each other.

We zoom forward to February of 2007, and Andre is 15, while Jeromy is 7.  What a difference just a few years makes!  Taken at the Baltimore International Airport, these two still love to ham it up for the camera.  Andre is definitely taller, blazing through his teenage years, and Jeromy still looks up to his "Kuya," which is Tagalog for 'older brother'.  Although they technically aren't brothers, Andre is definitely the closest thing that Jeromy has to it.  Despite their differing ages, interests, these two still remain close, and share a love for all things martial arts, video games, and looking good!
I love you guys!

2 blissful whispers...:

Andre said...

This makes me feel so old!
Heart You!

Multiple personalities.. said...

I heart you too Andre! And if it makes you feel better, coming across these pics made ME feel old too!