This past Friday (the 22nd) Jeromy and the other "Tweens" in our homeschool group went on a fun-filled field trip to the A.C. Moore at The Avenue in White Marsh, where they took part in the "Dream It. Create It. Share It." workshop.  This FREE field trip offered by select A.C. Moore stores "...is designed around the visual arts, artistic disciplines and life applications. While exploring the ultimate arts and crafts destination, students will discover new art mediums, tools and techniques while discussing the creative process."*  The children had a wonderful time creating their very own Dreamboards, which showcases what they dream of in their creative little ones, and/or fond memories they cherish.  These are Jeromy's creations:

This first dreamboard showcases Jeromy's love of all things rugged: Alaska, outdoor fun, motorcycles (ok, so all they had was a scooter sticker, but it's supposed to be a motorcycle!), and baseball.

This dreamboard again shows his love of Alaska, and shows his affinity for dogs. He chose the soccer ball because he at one time played soccer, the map because he wants to see the world, and the gecko wood decal because he's secretly wishing I will allow him to get a gecko soon.

Again here we see Alaska on the dreamboard, plus Jeromy's love of sports. The rat peeking out of the football helmet represents his two pet rats, and the other animals are there becauese...wel, he loves animals! The jukebox is for his passion for music, and the shades because he's one cool kid!

A special thank you goes out to Miss Irina for organizing this trip for the Tweens, and to Miss Jamie of A.C. Moore for guiding the children on such a fun day!

* For more information, check out this SITE.

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