This was today's prompt on The One Minute Writer blog, and I couldn't resist posting:

You find yourself somehow sitting next to Barack Obama on a plane, the day before his inauguration. What do you say to him?

"Mr. President-elect, I have to be honest... I didn't vote for you, but here you are. The majority has spoken, democracy prevails in the land of the free, and we see the vision of Abraham Lincoln brought to fruition in an astounding way. Many of us have lost faith, and I pray that you can restore our hope for a better future, for all of us here now, for our children, for our grandchildren. You're here now, the man the country has turned to for leadership, whom we've chosen to entrust with our nation's fate. And so as a patriot of this great nation, as the daughter of a great patriot, you have my support and my trust."

God Bless America!

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