Space Lapbook, Phase 1: The Sun

We, meaning mostly Jeromy, has taken on a new homeschooling project:  making his very first lapbook.  For those unfamiliar with the idea, a lapbook is basically an "altered" file folder, or sometimes several file folders put together, filled with mini-books that detail parts of whatever topic you choose to study.  For more info, check this Lapbooking Site on Squidoo.  Jeromy chose Outer Space as his first topic to study.  Within this large topic, here are some main ideas he has chosen to research:
  • the sun
  • planets (solar system)
  • galaxies
  • moons
  • space exploration
He started phase one today, with me as his mere production assistant and data compiler.  So far he has chosen to include details of the significance of the sun, and to illustrate the sun's layers.  These are just a few photos of what we began today...

2 Blank file folders, folded and glued together... waiting to be filled with information!

Jeromy is off to a great start... stay tuned for more, I'll be updating his progress.

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