The First Snow...

Yay!  Baltimore got it's first snowfall this year.  It wasn't much, but it was enough to get one eight-year-old boy super-excited.  It started to flurry this morning while we were doing schoolwork in our classroom.  As soon as he looked 
out the window and saw snowflakes, Jeromy's face just lit up, and that gorgeous smile stretched across his face.  Since this might be the one and only time we'll see any snow in our neck of the woods, I figured we could table the schoolwork 
for a couple of hours so he could go out and enjoy it.  Like I said, there really wasn't much out there, but Jeromy was determined.  He scrounged up whatever snow he could, and managed to make a snowball.  To our loved ones in Alaska, Jeromy really wishes he was there to enjoy all the snow he wants!

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