May you all have a joyous, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!


five things i love about you

1.  those big brown eyes
2.  your free spirit
3.  that perfect smile
4.  your infectious laugh
5.  that you are all boy



I can see the fingerprints of God
when I look at You
Never has there been & never again
will there be another You
Fashioned by God's hand & perfectly
planned to be just who you are
What He's been creating since the
first beat of your heart is a living,
breathing, priceless work of art.

Photo:  Jer at 2 years old
Scrapped:  Summer 2008

Goofy Goobers!

Jeromy, you are such a goofy boy, and you bring out the goofy in me!  Nothing warms my heart and brings joy to my soul like sharing a laugh with you, and watching let out your most playful parts of you.  I know that soon enough you'll be grown, possibly feeling like you're too cool to be goofy like this.  Until then, I'll relish in sharing these precious moments with my gorgeous, wildly unpredictable, yet incredibly tender-hearted little man!


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